Private Vocal sessions with Kiranjot Kaur 
Find your Authentic Voice.  Devotional music practice. Learn to play the Harmonium

Each person has a unique voice given to them as an instrument of the Divine. Learn how to surrender into each moment of music practice and allow the divine to play through your voice. This practice is the opposite of learning vocal technique imposed from the outside and controlled by the critical mind. Instead it is a subtle, meditative process that comes as we practice surrendering every thought about singing, voice, or control to the practice of music Herself.  This music practice will guide you, teach you and expand your vocal range, breath control, understanding and relationship to tones and notes, and rhythm without striving, pushing or hurting your voice. Each person and their unique instrument has their own timing, speed and depth for this journey. This practice is useful to singers with advanced training and experience as well as those with no prior experience at all. Kiranjot is especially skilled at helping people who received the message that they should not sing, early in their lives, and with bringing them into a healing presence to begin to open their voices and hearts to music again.

Individual classes include call and response note singing practice, Indian classical music theory, rhythm and tabla beats, pronunciation and translation, and harmonium instruction. Learn to play sacred songs in the sacred language of the Sikh Gurus.  Benefit from The Gurmukhi language that uses tongue movement and vibration on the body’s meridians to creates a meditative and healing effect.  

Individual Classes $120 for 75 minute sessions in person or online

Individual Class Package 4 sessions for $400 ( to be used within 2 months)

Individual Class Package 4 sessions PLUS $450 ( to be used within 2 months) includes 4 private one on one sessions with Kiranjot as well as 4 Divine Voice group classes during the date of study (every Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm).


Guided Meditations and chanting for Private Events.  
Kiranjot Kaur will lead your group through guided meditations with movement and chanting. Everyone can join in and create a deeper connection to themselves and each other by chanting together. 

Welcome the soul of your new child as it enters on the 120 day of pregnancy and bless the woman who is becoming a mother.  

Schedule a service: Kiranjot@mantramamas.org